offering Intuitive Readings that Will give you the clarity and insight on your life path and the new direction that you have been searching for.


I am here to help and guide you along your life path, be it on an upswing, clouded, or just in need of some assistance/guidance. I care very deeply about each one of my clients and want to see them put into a better space or have their eyes opened to the truth of what is going on around them. Other areas I am well versed in are finances/career, education, family, and spiritual growth.

Bring all the burdens of your heart and i will give you never failing advice and guidance that will change your life for the better – All areas of your life can be healed, corrected, and restored!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Psychic and Spiritualist! A natural born gifted advisor with many years of experience! I’m a medium with a powerful vision seeking into the future using my natural tools working with white magic plus your guardian angels, I have helped over thousands and thousands of spiritual belieivers from all over the world and have been rated a 99.9% accuracy score nationwide! Having numerous satisfied clients and customers always coming back for more! **PLEASE NOTE- Reading with me, expect receiving the truth! I will not provide false hopes to any customer. Please be aware that I will not give answers to please you, what I see is what you’ll know whether it’s positive or negative!, no sugar coating allowed in my office! I offer Expert services!I’m a professional clairavoyant and spiritual advisor that also speicializes in all relationship matters including: Marriage/Divorce, dating/relationship dream analyst, meditations,communication with the after life,#1 love advisor, general reading, career/finace, and much more


Psychic and Spiritualist with vast experience.. I am a Psychic with a vision into the future using my natural tools and I have a vast experience with numerous satisfied clients, i have worked for multiple well established psychic and love advice websites, phone and webchat.

I have my crystal reading, $45 for 10 minutes. Which tells characteristic traits, personality traits. Its a bit like your horoscope. focusing mainly on you and your life path. My full life reading, $70 for 20 minutes. Picks up on close accurate time frames and thoughts and feelings of any person of interest. My combination reading $120 for 45 minutes, which is my most detailed, taps into your spirit guides. past, present and future, and answers all life’s questions, along with the same abilities as the full life and crystal combined.
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